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Virtual Nutrition Counseling and Education

Together we will review your concerns and current dietary habits. We will set personalized nutrition and fitness goals. If desired, you will receive an individualized meal plan to get you started as you learn how to eat and live healthfully. Follow-up visits provide accountability and monitor progress.  

Weight Management 

Nutrition counseling for weight management will target improvements in eating habits and lifestyle patterns to help you meet your goals. Together, we will implement a plan for positive change. You will receive the resources and tools for long-term success.


Increase your knowledge, build confidence, and improve your energy level as you take steps towards a healthier you.

Sports Performance

Whether you are looking to enhance your training as a competitive or recreational athlete, sports nutrition counseling is a great resource for you. We will discuss daily nutrition that maximizes performance, recovery, and health. We will develop fueling, hydration, and recovery plans for training, competition, or travel.


Sport nutrition counseling and education is available for groups and teams of all ages.

Medical Nutrition Therapy

Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) is used to manage or treat certain medical conditions. With a referral* from your physician, you can schedule an in-person or virtual office visit to receive nutrition counseling for conditions such as:



     Gestational diabetes

     Digestive disorders

     Eating disorders

     Heart disease

     High blood pressure

     High cholesterol

     Kidney disease

     Post-bariatric surgery


     and others

We will review your questions, current habits, and available laboratory results to identity areas of concern.  We will develop a nutrition plan and set personalized goals.


*MNT visits require a referral from your physician with the medical diagnosis for which you are seeking nutrition therapy. 

Personal Training 

Staying disciplined and self-motivated throughout the year is a challenge. Let Irene be your fitness and nutrition companion throughout the months to keep you accountable and establish successful habits.  

Irene will create an engaging fitness program tailored to your goals and preferences. Sessions can include a combination of strength training, injury prevention, speed and agility, power, and endurance to meet health goals or specific training goals. 

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